Our Purpose

The Broward County Christian Lawyers Association (CLA) was created more than 40 years ago to foster biblical standards of conduct among attorneys in Broward County. It has grown into an organization that also provides opportunities in our quarterly meetings for fellowship, mutual edification, spiritual growth, and education on church and religious freedom issues.

The CLA is comprised of a diverse group of attorneys. We include private attorneys, government attorneys, and law school professors. We also have associate members who are paralegals or other professionals (such as accountants and bankers). Our members have a broad denominational base, including Protestants, Catholics, Pentecostals, and those who are “unaffiliated” or not active in any particular church.

The Broward County Christian Lawyers Association is an interdenominational organization comprised of attorneys who proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The ultimate purpose of the association is to provide an avenue by which attorneys and others may more greatly embody Jesus Christ in both their professional and private lives. The Association seeks to achieve its ultimate purpose through the accomplishment of three subsidiary purposes:

  • First, to provide opportunities for the mutual assistance and benefit obtained through fellowship with other Christian legal professionals.
  • Second, to provide a forum and a base for the promotion of godly standards and principles among the members of the legal profession and to the community.
  • Third, to provide an opportunity for non-Christian or inactive Christian legal professionals to meet Christian attorneys and learn of the life-changing power of Jesus Christ.